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Western Canada’s most respected Indigenous Consulting firm.

Developing stronger together - through research, planning, training, capacity, and policy development. 

At Four Winds & Associates, we work with First Nations, Métis, Non-Status, and other Indigenous Communities, Organizations, Governments, and Industry in the areas of Strategy & Leadership, Governance & Organizational Policy, Facilitation & Training, Fund Development, Technical Services, and Situational Support. We are solutions-based and strive for excellence in our communications, resources, and services.

Our Services

Strategy & Leadership

Every leader faces unique challenges on the way to accomplishing their goals. We can help your organization succeed by clarifying your vision and mission, guiding your planning process, and providing leadership support and coaching.

>  Community, Organizational & Economic Development

>  Vision, Mission & Objectives

>  Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats

Governance & Organizational Policy

We have assisted many First Nations and Indigenous non-profits across Western Canada in developing governance codes, bylaws, policy, and administrative tools. Whether you need a comprehensive review and update to your guiding documents or on-site board development workshops, we can help.

>  Governance

>  Bylaws & Policy

Facilitation & Training

Whether you seek community input on a significant issue or gather your staff for training and team building, our experienced facilitators can help. We take the stress out of planning and delivering presentations and workshops and allow you to fully engage in the process, rather than having to run it.

>  Engagement Sessions & Presentations

>  Professional Development

Fund Development

Every vision requires resources. We are experts at finding potential funding sources, preparing grant applications, and assisting with the necessary reporting. With our help, you can let your people do their best work rather than spending time chasing funding.

>  Funding sourcing & proposal development

>  Professional writing & reporting

>  Understanding funder requirements and processes

Technical Services

Leading today’s projects requires tomorrow’s tools. Move your organization forward by investing in best-in-class communication, data management, and information technology services, with professional support just a click away (or a phone call, if you prefer).

  • Website design, maintenance and IT services

  • In-house technical support and Software training

  • Communication Strategies & Publications

  • Data Management, Mapping and other tools

Situational Support

Unforeseen challenges are part of every journey. When you need an experienced and trustworthy guide, we’ll be there.

  • Observation, consultation, and guidance

  • Problem solving and analysis

  • Project Management

  • Report writing

  • Technical Services

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Working with Us

When you hire Four Winds & Associates, you gain an extensive team with a broad range of skillsets and knowledge. Our expertise is based on more than 30 years of experience and relationship-building with Indigenous communities, organizations, and branches of government. Whether your needs are short- or long-term, we offer many tools and resources to make you successful.

We offer flexible contract arrangements to meet your company's needs, including individual project contracts, hourly rates, and retainer on-call services and supports.

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The Associates

Four Winds maintains a roster of fee-for-service, credentialed, experienced, and effective professionals. We partner with and hire from a field of about 30 individuals, companies, and not-for-profits.


We are successful in maintaining relationships because we engage with respect, integrity, and fairness.

Our Approach

We provide practical tools, knowledge, and hands-on expertise to assist you in realizing your goals to build a better future. 

We pride ourselves on providing respectful guidance and support. We believe you hold the solutions, and with effective facilitation, improved communication, and practical supports, we can move towards those solutions. We customize our approach to the problems and issues that you are faced with. 

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We will contact you to set up a time to connect to begin working toward solutions that work for you. 

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