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Administrative Tools

Administration refers to the day-to-day operations of a First Nations administration or organization. Many tools are available to assist First Nations to run their operations in an efficient and professional manner.


Some administrative tools that may assist First Nations administrations and organizations to manage their day-to-day operations include:

Financial Management Policies

Financial management policies set out rules for receiving and spending funds on behalf of First Nations administrations. These policies may specify accountabilities for approving expenditures, signing cheques, and reporting to members and external funders.

Administrative Policies

Administrative policies describe the responsibilities of the First Nations administration as an employer and the rights and responsibilities of employees within the administration. Administrative policies outline how the employer will comply with provincial and federal legislation regarding employment standards and workplace health and safety. They may also include processes for hiring employees and outline employee benefits such as vacation and sick leave.

Information / data management

Most community administrations use a number of different data management systems to deliver programs. A centralized database can enable sharing of data and information between programs and can support collaborative service delivery to common clients of different programs.

Human Resources (Personnel) Policies

In addition to general administrative policies, Human Resources (Personnel) Policies can guide the implementation of performance management systems, including job descriptions and employee evaluations. Human Resources policies provide consistency for supervisors and employees in carrying out their day-to-day operations and in managing personnel issues such as compensation, promotion, disciplinary action and termination.

Other Tools & Training for effective administration

Four Winds offers both on-line and in-person training to support staff to implement effective administrative processes. In addition to the tools described above, we offer training in decision-making, meeting planning and organization, and use of data management and reporting systems.

Departmental Planning and Reporting

Departmental plans can be developed based on a Strategic Plan and Organizational Structure. These plans can guide the work of all departments within the administration and help to ensure that all departments are working toward common goals. Departmental plans can also be used to clarify roles and responsibilities and to ensure consistent reporting of results to leadership and external funders.

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