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Community Administration and Organization Solutions
Rules, Tools, and Plans
Four Winds & Associates assists communities and organizations to enhance their governance and administration processes and to improve program and service delivery. Four Winds will assist to meet the unique circumstances and needs of individual communities and organizations.

Our Service (Working Together)

Our extensive knowledge and experience allow Four Winds to work in a professional and constructive manner, and to support the positive growth of individuals, communities, and organizations. Four Winds has an extensive range of tools, resources, and supports available to assist you to achieve your goals.


Social Development 


A central obstacle and challenge to success is to shift the current mode of “stovepipe” thinking into client-centered program activity planning. We have realized great successes in working with staff to streamline processes.


Economic Development


Building capacity in economic development provides the opportunity for organizational and individual financial self-reliance, independence, and stability. Four Winds & Associates offers extensive experience in project management and support, employment initiatives, marketing, and promotions as well as technological solutions necessary to realize these financial goals.


Organizational Development


Organizational Development is developing and enhancing skills, tools, and methods to effectively manage resources. Four Winds & Associates helps to build a solid organizational structure, helps to develop skills through training and modeling, and ensures effective planning and execution of organizational activities


Community Development


Community Development helps to build capacity by focusing on health and well being of the community as a whole. This is achieved by developing long-term solutions to assist communities to train and develop their own local resources that will lead to a stronger, more successful self-sufficient community.




Four Winds & Associates has a significant number of skilled resources experienced working with Aboriginal organizations and communities, Industry, and Government in a variety of fields.


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