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Economic Pursuits

Requirements for Economic Development from our Perspective

Any economic development strategy aimed at self-reliance must promote the best interests of the community and be built on business undertakings that members can support and be comfortable with.  It also has to keep traditional values and quality of lifestyle as intact as possible.  What any community needs for the road ahead is a practical strategy that recognizes strengths and weaknesses, and takes into account the realities of its location and the existing and potential opportunities in the region.

From current to preferred situation

The easy answer is:  Fix everything by doing something about the weaknesses and threats, building on the strengths, and pursuing the opportunities.

The easy answer is also the only answer, but anyone trying to tackle everything at once, without setting priorities or breaking the steps into manageable parts will quickly come up against all the reasons why previous ventures have failed to realize any of the worthy goals and targets that existed at their beginning.

Areas of Involvement:

We have been around a long time and experienced and developed:

  • Economic Frameworks

  • Economic Strategies 

  • Opportunity Scoping & Development  
    • Corporate Development 

    • Entrepreneurial Development

    • Green Energy (Energy Audits, Retrofits, Solar, Planning, Capacity)

    • Information Communication Technology

    • Renewable Resources (Forestry, Oil & Gas Community Assets)

    • Tourism

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