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 Green Energy

We are the Caretakers of the Earth



"Understand it – Reduce it – Produce it"

Based on our long-standing relationship with and knowledge of Aboriginal communities, Four Winds has outlined an approach for assisting communities to effectively access and implement the Climate Leadership Plan programs available through Alberta Indigenous Relations. 


Four Winds has worked extensively with numerous Alberta Aboriginal communities and the Alberta Government on a number of province-wide planning and program initiatives. In our recent work in supporting communities to secure the solar panel, energy audit, retrofit, pre-feasibility study (leading to community solar farms), capacity planning grants and developing training programs, we know that communities have a genuine interest in climate change, and have well-considered ideas and proposals that should be examined for their applicability. 

With the range of programs and funding available, new community based ideas need to be encouraged and explored. We also understand that there are communities and leadership who require more information. Our approach will enlighten communities and leadership of the benefits and concerns and support a way forward. 

We have assembled a team of partners with extensive experience in all areas of Green Energy. Together, we can provide Aboriginal communities with a process for working through their energy initiatives effectively, as well as being able to provide strategic observations and recommendations for moving forward.

Assistance to get human and financial resources for community capacity and planning. 

Feasibility study for the eventual implementation of a large green energy project such as a solar farm which would help offset the energy costs for a number of housing units. 

Energy Audit of community owned commercial buildings and houses

•Community members can be trained on the solar installation
• Community members can be hired to assist the audit process
•Identification and hiring of community entrepreneurs and trades people for the retrofit program

For retrofits identified in the Energy Audit on community owned buildings, commercial and residential.

Supply and installation of solar panels on community owned buildings.

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