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The Vision

Is to create a cooperative business model of highly experienced craft medicinal cannabis producers throughout Canada who are passionate in cultivating an ultra-premium healthy product while working within Health Canada’s new regulatory framework.

The Plan

Is to aggregate multiple cooperative micro-grow campus style production facilities, supporting a hybrid of technologies, providing consumers with a high quality product and craft producers the opportunity to succeed in a thriving new cannabis industry. Work has started on the Strathmore Alberta facility and will be complete with production beginning mid 2019 with an annual cannabis output of 1.8M grams ($9.1M gross revenue) and funded through a Private Placement.
A second phase expansion is planned on the site, followed by a phase three expansion on adjacent lands that are being secured for future growth. Utilizing a preferred grow method combined with best in industry technology will allow Choice Growers to obtain industry leading high quality healthy premium product with lower costs and faster grow cycles. Choice will utilize these advantages and aggressively expand and grow 23 - 15,000 square feet units throughout Western Canada and beyond working in a cooperative framework and campus model during 2019 and through to 2023.
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