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Industry Engagement Tools and Resources

Four Winds & Associates provides tools and resources to assist First Nation communities and organizations to build effective processes for engaging with local and regional industries. Our Industry Engagement tools and resources include policies, strategies, structures and processes to build relationships and achieve community social and economic development goals.


Four Winds & Associates will customize our Industry Engagement tools and resources to meet the unique circumstances and needs of individual First Nations. Some examples of these tools and resources include:

Supportive Organization and Administration

Four Winds & Associates provides hands-on support for First Nations to develop and implement plans, policies and processes to support industry engagement. These processes include enhanced relationships and participation in current economic initiatives. Supportive organizational structures and administrative processes can be established within First Nations organizations to promote effective partnerships with industry. These structures and processes also enhance collaboration toward shared outcomes among leadership and staff in First Nations organizations. Ultimate goals include full participation in the local and regional economies as well as employment, business and entrepreneurial opportunities for First Nations people.

TLU Database

A web-based application can be put in place to assist communities to manage consultation with industry regarding resource development on traditional lands. The Traditional Land Use Database enables First Nations to track all applications for “routine consultation”, review the status of applications and communicate with both industry and government regulators in a timely manner. Industry proponents can submit on-line applications, track the status of their applications and receive notification of comments or concerns from the First Nation.

Industry Engagement Policy

Outlines goals that the First Nation hopes to achieve. This public document provides clarity for community members, First Nation administrations and external partners. Policy goals set the overall direction for supportive organizational structures, processes and activities. Policy goals are determined through a collaborative process with the community and could include outcomes such as relationship-building; connecting community members with opportunities; employment and business development; and community development.

Industry Engagement Framework

A more detailed planning document identifies structures, processes and strategies for the First Nation to support its Industry Engagement Policy. An Industry Engagement Framework is an internal document that could include organizational structures, reporting relationships, departmental mandates, administrative processes and staff roles to support industry engagement, as well as activities that the First Nation will undertake. A budget should be included to support identified activities and demonstrate community commitment to industry engagement.

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