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Our Approach

Established in 1993, and providing services throughout Alberta Four Winds & Associates is an Aboriginal-owned company with extensive experience assisting First Nations and other Aboriginal communities to build their organizational capacity and participate more effectively in initiatives with government and other partners. Four Winds have a reputation for undertaking diverse projects in a respectful and culturally appropriate manner, on time and within budget. 



Four Winds believes Aboriginal people have the capability and knowledge to build up individuals and communities. Four Winds provides practical tools, knowledge and hands-on expertise to assist communities to realize their goals and build a better future.




Respect - Four Winds takes pride in providing respectful guidance and support. We believe communities hold the solutions, and we provide practical, real supports to move towards those solutions. We customize our approach to every community.


Experience – With more than two and half decades of experience, we have evolved and become more efficient in our methods, efficiently increased our knowledge, and are willing to share an extensive range of tools, and provide assistance in the implementation and practice of the rules, tools, and plans. 

Photo by: Rachelle McDonald

Four Winds Image 2 - AWN
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