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Program & Service Tools

Staff in First Nations organizations are often responsible for the direct delivery of programs and services to their members. Tools that can assist staff in First Nations administrations to enhance program and service delivery include:

Client-Centred Services / Collaborative Service Delivery

The client-centred model of service delivery encourages cooperation among departments and staff who may be delivering a variety of social services to common clients. It can include a common intake process for clients, sharing of information and resources between departments and a collaborative process to address client needs. The collaborative service delivery model has proven effective in assisting individuals to address multiple barriers to participation in the economy and in reducing dependence on social assistance in communities where it has been implemented.

Personal Development Programs

An extensive variety of personal development tools and training modules are available to assist First Nations communities to develop and deliver customized personal development training to their members. These programs can be integrated into current social development or employment training programs.

Economic Development Resources

Guides and checklists for business and economic development can assist First Nations leadership and economic development staff to assess the best opportunities for business and economic development. These resources do not replace the need for due diligence but can help to identify promising business opportunities and assist leadership and staff to focus time and resources on most promising opportunities.

Housing Policies

First Nations administering housing programs need policies to guide program development and management. A Housing Policy can outline criteria for eligibility as well as guide construction, maintenance and management of existing and future housing stock. Housing policies can be tailored to address the specific needs of individual communities while meeting the requirements set out by government contributors to housing programs.

Website Builder

Four Winds provides assistance to communities interested in developing and building their own website, and as part of this service, trains staff to develop, manage and maintain their sites.

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